You have waited 9 longs months to hold your newborn baby. There were days that it seemed baby’s due date would never arrive. You’ve enjoyed watching him drum beat your belly with his little feet. You’ve giggled through his hiccups and cuddled him in your arms though he was still floating inside you. You know your baby is going to be the love, joy and proudest achievement of your life. This is your baby. But babies don’t stay babies forever. They grow up so fast. In just a few short days after birth their features start to change, and of course they are still just as beautiful. But before even a year is out, your baby is starting to move around, walking, even letting go of your hand. Before you know it, that baby is going to be climbing the big yellow steps onto the bus, heading to kindergarten. In a flash, that same baby is receiving his diploma and packing for college. Mama what are you going to do? He’s not so little any more, but, he will always be your baby.

This is why I am here. You want to see your baby as you did the first day you held him in your arms. Tiny and delicate features. Maybe a little bald on top, or some peach fuzz, maybe a head full of hair. I can do that. I can capture that tiny stage of life and create an artwork that you will treasure forever. At each stage as you watch him grow, you will be able to look back at your baby, your tiny baby, and remember him as he started his life.

Newborn photography is an investment. It’s not a snapshot for social media, it is a treasure to be seen and displayed in the highest quality for your home and your loved ones.

What’s her style?

Finding the right newborn photographer may take some time. There are many newborn photographers out there. Find ones who’s styles will match your home. All photographers have their own style. My style is soft and muted colors. I love delicacy. Little knits and tiny details.

Is she trained?

A newborn photographer needs to be trained. Interview your photographer when you call to see if she has an opening around your due date. Are you trained? It’s a simply yes or no question. If no, thank them for their time, if yes, find out who. My workshop hands on training was so exciting that I tell everyone about it. It was an amazing experience. And I am still learning. I didn’t stop with the hands on training, I continued with online workshops with instructors from all over the world to continue to mold my craft.

Is she covered?

Another thing to considering when investing in a newborn photographer is, are they insured. Often newborns come in with siblings that are excited for their new baby and equipment is expensive. Should for some reason a light was knocked over the studio would be covered. Insurance is a must for a studio, and yes, I am covered.

What does she offer?

So you had your session. You saw the setups, the adorable props and your baby slept so well and now you can’t wait to see the images. Your gallery will be edited and soon you will be able to pick which ones you love the best and what you would like made. Motherhood is stressful enough without worrying if the marketplace id going to cooperate with your orders. I am a full service photographer for Central NY who will take care of all this for you. I am currently offering an online gallery for ordering sessions.

Take the time to meet her

So you’ve love her work, and follow her on social media, go and meet her. Make a friend. She is human like you and would love to make your acquaintance and have a consultation before your baby arrives.

I always request a phone call. Even if you don’t want to call me first, drop my a message with your number and a convenient time to call and I will. 

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