“Lo, children are the heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.”


Your Newborn Photographer

Shelayna Snow

A professional newborn photography looks down on a newborn she is ready to pose with Simply Shelayna Newborn Photography Syracuse NY Newborn

Hello! It’s me, Shelayna (Shell-lay-na). I am so grateful
that you have dropped by. I am a custom, full-service photographer, who
specializes in documenting Newborn, Maternity, First Year Milestones, and Family memories.

I am all about making your life easier by providing you the
service you desire for your portrait needs. I have worked both sides of the
camera, as in a lab and in the studio, so I know how much work goes into creating
your art, both in camera and in the final product of print/canvas/album etc.

My artwork in studio is delicate, soft, creamy, and embraces color. I love to create sets that reflect the vision of the parents with a mix
of my personal style.

So, whether this is your first newborn, or last, or maybe
you are looking for elegant family portraits, I can provide you with a memorable
service and unique experience that you will always cherish.


CNY Newborn Photographer

Specializing in artwork

Your world as art

There is a proverb that says a “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.”  

I often ponder this wise saying, and question what am I leaving my grandchildren, whom haven’t even been brought into existence yet.

An inheritance is much more than monetary value. We have the ability to pass down to our children’s children spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  How we go about it, will impact our future generations.

We must ask ourselves, “What type of inheritance do I want to leave my children for them to remember me by? And will it add value to their life?”

When I visit my grandma, she pulls out albums of memories, and shares with me stories of people from long ago, and recreates all the details of the trips, events, and moments that she treasures and gives them to me.

You and I cannot deny the power of the photograph. When we are stuck in a waiting room, we look through old images on our phone and smile. We capture literally EVERYTHING our children do as a keepsake for the future. When a loved one passes, the first thing we do, is go through our photos and look intensely for the one we lost. We may smile, cry, or both, but we are grateful for the photograph.

We value photography, not because of what it is, but because of who is in it. And the longer we have it in our possession, the dearer the portrait, whether candid or professionally captured, becomes to us.

In the end, we will pass down these portraits of ourselves and our children into the hands of our grandchildren, and their grandchildren, to cherish and remember us by.

Leave your children a good inheritance. Invest in photography that will display you, your newborns, and your families in the best light, and show our children and their children they are worth investing in.

Your Creative Fee Includes:

Products | Digitals Sold Separately

  • Your date saved on my calendar
  • My Style Guide
  • Pre consultation (color schemes for clothing/backdrops, themes etc)
  • Up to 3 hour session in studio of my time and talent
  • Multiple family and individual newborn poses
  • Studio set-up and design, use of client wardrobe and props
  • Complimentary reveal session (30 minutes to 1 hour)

Creative fee: $150 | Collections start at $500 | Digital file $150 each

CNY Newborn Photography


Syraucse Newborn photo shoot

Stephen & Nicole

We have come to Shelayna several times for baby photography. She has beautifully photographed our daughter (newborn and 1 yr photos) and also the same for our son. Cael just had his 1 year birthday photos done and Shelayna provided adorable backgrounds and accessories. I couldn't have been happier. We hope to work with her again for family portraits in the future💗

Oswego NY Newborn shoot

Brennan & Valeria

We went to Shelayna for newborn and one year pictured for our twins! The whole experience is worth every penny with her! She is very responsive respectful, and knowledgeable. She helps with any questions and sends you a quick questionnaire to better understand what you want out of your session, you also get an email about color options that look good through the camera! With TWO babies I expected things to be rough but things went so smoothly! She makes sure every little detail in the newborn session was perfect! Every little piece of hair, every headband, every outfit, every prop! She also accommodated for a bottle feeding. For their one year photo shoot my girls were very active and all over the place and she still got beautiful pictures! Her editing skills are amazing as well! For some of the pictures of the girls together catching the perfect shot of both babies at the same time is hard but she was able to take the better picture of each baby and turn it into one. I am so happy with the quality of not only the pictures but the session experience as well!

Oswego NY Newborn Photography

Benjamin & Sarah

Shelayna is the premier newborn photographer in the area. I regret not knowing about her for our first baby! Plan on spending a couple hours there - because you get family photos, newborn photos, then you preview and pick out the photos you want her to develop right then. That process was different than I've ever experienced but just plan accordingly to have your husband/partner take the toddler out to lunch/shop at Walmart while you wait (per her suggestion).. it worked beautifully! She had our photos completed quick because it was right before Mother's Day! Shelayna is so experienced with handling newborns - it was amazing to watch!! Thanks for a wonderful experience!! Highly recommended!!

Syracuse Newborn Photo session

Brian & Lisa

I absolutely loved working with Shelayna for our maternity shoot! Shelayna is super down to earth abs makes everything so easy! Shelayna provided me with a beautiful dress to wear, so the only thing I needed to do was show up and smile ( something a first time pregnant momma can appreciate!) she chose a beautiful location and the pictures turned out stunning! I can not wait to do our newborn photos with her as soon as this little one arrives! I highly recommend booking Simply Shelayna Photography for any momma’s out there expecting!!

Syracuse baby photography

Adam & Christine

Shelayna did our newborn photos for our daughter Hannah. It was her first time leaving the house! She and her assistant did a great job and were very professional throughout the process. Highly recommended.

Eric & Meghan

Shelayna was so wonderful to work with! Having a new baby is not easy but she made things so smooth and even offered to feed my little guy during a break. She made everyone very comfortable and not to mention her pictures are amazing! I 100% would recommend Shelayna for your newborn photos. You will not regret using Shelayna to capture all the details of your newborn you will always want to remember.

5 Things to Know When Booking Your Newborn Portrait Session

This may sound crazy since babies come on their own time. But there is a peace of mind knowing you are already penciled in on your newborn photographer’s schedule. The best time to book your newborn session is during the second trimester.

In today’s day, everyone’s a photographer, and has a ‘nice’ camera. But when it comes to your newborn you should only place them in the hands of a newborn photographer who has invested in hands on training. Don’t be afraid to ask during consultation if they have been trained.

This may seem silly, but accidents happen. Photography equipment is not cheap. If you have a busy toddler roaming and checking out the studio anything could happen. Your newborn photographer needs to have her bases covered.

You just brought new life into the world! What an accomplishment. Your newborn is only a newborn for about 2 weeks. All those tiny features will change shortly. If you want to remember all those moments forever, investing in a trained newborn photographer is the way to go.

When it comes to purchasing props and outfits, your newborn portraits will skyrocket in price. Fortunately, I keep an abundance of newborn props and outfits on hand for  my tiny clients. I also do my own knitting and sewing so you are getting an one of a kind original. So yes, all I need is your baby!

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