My Response to Co-Vid 19

June 2020

With the ongoing pandemic, I would like to update my current and potential clients on how I will proceed to operate my in-studio sessions.

As a Newborn photographer, a newborn’s safety is my number one priority. Even BEFORE the pandemic, I have always practiced hand washing/sanitizing and keeping myself healthy prior to handling a newborn. Many clients can attest that I have rescheduled newborn sessions on an illness with myself or one of my children. Even if the symptoms are as little as a scratchy throat, I will not handle a newborn. I have barred my own family members from my own birthday party a week in advance of expecting a newborn if any of them had colds or fevers.

With that being said, if mine or your family is sick, we will reschedule. If either of us have been around anyone with symptoms we will reschedule. I am not afraid to pose a newborn that is older than 2 weeks of age. I welcome the challenge and as a mom and dad, you deserve these moments. I will wear a mask to protect any unwanted germs from escaping and I already wear gloves to keep my hands from baby’s skin. The studio is cleaned prior to any session I have. I have recently purchased an air purifier to help clean the air before and after sessions. I will address CO-Vid 19 the same way I address the flu. As adults and parents, we know the risk. If you hire me for a newborn, milestone, family, maternity session etc. you understand the risk involved and I will not be held accountable for the risk you agree to take.

My stance on social distancing is unique. If you desire my style of newborn photography, I CANNOT social distance myself from your baby. It is NOT safe. If I leave a baby on a beanbag and walk 6 feet away to take the picture and your baby rolls, it will fall off the beanbag before I can grab it. I do not wish for that outcome so I will ALWAYS be in arms reach of any newborn in my charge. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not hire me. I pose newborns with my hands. I do not simply lay them on a blanket and take a picture. I am trained in newborn safety and the art of newborn posing. I do not recommend amateur nor parent posing if you have not had hands on training.   

I ask that only the immediate family that is being photographed attend my sessions. This means, no grandparents, aunts etc. until NY is considered safe again.

Thank you for understanding.  I look forward to photographing your sweet little blessings again.

Your Newborn Photographer

Shelayna Snow

Allow me to tell your newborn’s story. Though your newborn may still be safely snuggled away in your womb, it will still have a beautiful story to tell. When you first hold your baby, you are going to study its little face, let those tiny fingers wrap around one of yours as you kiss those sweet toes. You will be ecstatic as those long eyelashes come in and whether there is just peach fuzz or plenty of hair you will love this baby and everything about it. This is your baby and your baby has a story to tell.

Up above you will see 2 choices for either a first-time mom or if you are added on to your family. Please select the one that applies to you and you will get an understanding and a little education on newborn photography.

As a CNY Newborn Photographer, there is nothing I love more than capturing the story of a newborn and its tiny details. I love to pose a newborn in its mother’s arms as she holds it close and just loves on her baby. The mother’s love shows passionately as she hugs her baby into her and kisses its cheek.

My newborn sessions are very in depth. I offer a variety of poses, from parent and baby, family portraits, sibling portraits if needed, and of course just baby. Your CNY newborn photography portrait session would not be complete without these poses.

My sessions are stress free. I provide mom with a simple prep guide prior to her session so she can bring baby completely prepared and ready to go.  I provide all the props, outfits, headbands, bonnets and wraps for each newborn so mom doesn’t have to worry about bringing or purchasing anything new. Along with being stress free, I also provide a safe posing environment in my studio. Not only am I trained in newborn posing safety, but I often work with an assistant as well as I am CPR trained through the American Red Cross.

As a full-service newborn photographer, I take care of my clients from start to finish. I offer an experience like no other CNY newborn photographer. At the end of their session, I will allow parents to choose from their gallery as early as the same day of the session. This provides an efficient turn around in wall art for mom to hang on her walls and love forever.

I would be delighted to help you get started in your newborn journey. It all starts with a simple phone call (315) 297-1816, or you may request a call from me. I look forward to capturing your family’s joyous blessing soon.

I service families all around Central and Upstate NY. Newborns have come to see me as far north as Fort Drum/ Watertown (even Toronto, Ontario!) and from the south of Syracuse down to Binghamton. I know getting out with a newborn is hectic and a little scary, but the drive from any highway be it 81, 481, 90 (west) and 690/48 is about 2-3 turns and will you get to me. The car ride helps soothe a baby into a deep sleep and gives you some time to relax as well.

We have moved our location as well. My family has recently been blessed with a larger home, so I have moved the studio to my home as well. This allow me to have more liberty to serve my clients in a more comfortable setting.  (Plus, I can serve fresh chocolate cookies as well!)

Areas I serve and are not limited to Oswego, Syracuse, Watertown, Fort Drum, Utica, Geneva, CNY and Upstate NY as a newborn photographer.

Check out my Expecting Mother’s FAQ list to help you to get started! Also you can visit my blog and read up on who I am as a creative artist.

5 Things to Know When Booking Your Newborn Portrait Session

This may sound crazy since babies come on their own time. But there is a peace of mind knowing you are already penciled in on your newborn photographer’s schedule. The best time to book your newborn session is during the second trimester.

In today’s day, everyone’s a photographer, and has a ‘nice’ camera. But when it comes to your newborn you should only place them in the hands of a newborn photographer who has invested in hands on training. Don’t be afraid to ask during consultation if they have been trained.

This may seem silly, but accidents happen. Photography equipment is not cheap. If you have a busy toddler roaming and checking out the studio anything could happen. Your newborn photographer needs to have her bases covered.

You just brought new life into the world! What an accomplishment. Your newborn is only a newborn for about 2 weeks. All those tiny features will change shortly. If you want to remember all those moments forever, investing in a trained newborn photographer is the way to go.

When it comes to purchasing props and outfits, your newborn portraits will skyrocket in price. Fortunately, I keep an abundance of newborn props and outfits on hand for  my tiny clients. I also do my own knitting and sewing so you are getting an one of a kind original. So yes, all I need is your baby!

Syracuse Ny Newborn Photographer


Theresa & Danny

Shelayna did a newborn shoot for our baby girl at 9 days old. What you can see from her website is her beautiful photos, but behind the scenes is where she really differentiates herself. Her warmth and professionalism come through right away over the phone. Once you set up your session, she sends you info on how to prepare yourself and your little one(s) for the photoshoot- everything from what to wear and what to bring. For a first time mama who was a little overwhelmed with it all, this really helped. Shelayna provides a laid back environment that is warm and cozy for your baby. She is conscientious about hand hygiene to keep your baby healthy and safe and is very careful in handling and placing your newborn in the poses. She always has a spotter (who won't show up in the picture, I promise!) to keep baby safe while she takes the pictures. It is clear that Shelayna has devoted countless hours to her craft. She didn't just watch a video or read an article and figure she'd give newborn photography a try. She spent a lot of time being educated how to handle your little one safely while creating beautiful art to preserve your memories of those precious early moments.

Bridgette & Tyler

If you’re a momma like me or even a father looking for stunning newborn pictures you are in the right place!. Choosing Simply Shelayna Newborn Photography was truly one of the best decisions I could have made. Before calling Shelayna I felt like I was in a time crunch, I was eager to find someone to capture moments of my newborn daughter before she started growing. From the start I had an amazing experience. On our first phone conversation I felt that I was catching up with an old friend, telling her about my newborn daughter, my family, and myself. With my daughter already being a couple weeks old Shelayna was able to fit us in right away! When arriving on photo day Shelayna made my family and I feel right at home. When i think of someone taking photos of newborns I think of someone who is patient, kind, and loving. These are words that I would use to describe Shelayna. She comforted my baby when she cried, fed her, changed her, and was so gentle with each of the placements. I trusted her with my newborn like she was one of my family members. She has all the props you will need, including swaddles, headbands, and bonnets. My finished photos came on a lovely wooden flash drive, in a wooden memory box which was the perfect touch. Overall I am so thankful that I chose Simply Shelayna Photography, I have the most beautiful photos to remember those perfect moments!

Tammy & Derek

I had the pleasure to do my maternity pictures with Shelayna as a model wearing her new maternity dresses. The environment was beyond welcoming and heartwarming. Without hesitation I scheduled my sons newborn session. At 9 days old we arrived to the studio at 9am. Words don't describe this wonderful lady and her talent of being a photographer but I will try my best to give a visual. Shelayna is passionate, kind, Joyful, sociable, and most of all has an eye for detail. Her work surely shows it. Upon arriving she personally introduced herself to my whole family. It was such a welcoming feeling. Our session started right way. Well she positioned the older siblings she worked patiently soothing our newborn son and gently placing him into a beautiful handmade wrap to start with our family photos. Upon finishing with the family she took the time to capture our newborn with just siblings, just dad, just mom and both parents before even beginning with the sweet newborn pictures. Shelayna and her assistant worked for hours comforting our son. They made sure he was safe and content in every aspect of his newborn session. They took breaks when he needed them and worked so passionate with him. The pride and passion for her photography as well as her clients doesnt end there. Shelayna welcomes her clients to personally review there sessions together with her. She then works very hard on editing your selected photos. When prints arrive she personally presents them. When Shelayna hands those prints over to you the joy glows on her face. The way they are presented to her clients is exciting. Mine came in a beautiful box wrapped with a ribbon and tied with a bow on top. She truly makes her clients feel important. I was not expecting the experience that my family had with Shelayna and I am so happy to call upon her to capture future milestones and memories. Shelayna is not a photographer to let you forget. Once your welcomed into her studio your like family. She surely shows you in small kind gestures too. You would have to book a session to completely understand.

Meghan & Kendall

We put our trust in Shelayna for our newborn photos and she did not disappoint. She was very kind, patient, and professional, and the pictures came out great and we’re delivered in a beautiful keepsake box!! So happy we went to Shelayna to capture our baby’s early days of life. Would definitely recommend.


We had our daughter's first birthday photos done with Shelayna. We had just moved back to NY and didn't know of any photographers. I had seen a reference from Facebook for Simply Shelayna Photogrpahy and reached out to her. She was very accommodating and flexible in scheduling the session. Her communication throughout the planning of the photo session was exceptional. She was very responsive to all my questions and ideas. During the session, Shelayna was extremely patient with my fussing 1 year old. You can tell that Shelayna loves children because she is so great with them. She was pulling out tricks to entertain my daughter and make her smile. She even offered to another session because my daughter was not always cooperating. I thought that was extremely thoughtful and kind. However, we didn't need to do that. We received our photos from the session and you would have never guessed we had a fussing 1 year old that day. Shelayna was able to capture her sweet spirit in the pictures. We were more than pleased. I will absolutely be contacting Shelayna again for any of our future pictures. I appreciate her kindness and patience. Not only is she a skilled photographer, but she truly understands children!

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