“Lo, children are the heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.”


First Time Mama

It’s your first baby! How exciting! As the Mama-to-be, you must be on cloud nine!! I remember being there. There is so much to prepare for. This little life that is growing inside you will need all your attention and love. And with a baby comes so much preparation. Since you are reading this, you’ve probably already have a lot of it already done. From picking out a name, to styling the nursery, researching what type of parenting methods you will use and even how you wish to feed your baby! You are ready to move on to the next step. Choosing your newborn photographer. Allow me to calm your fears and relieve your mind.  Read my FAQ’s for more info!

As a new mom you want these intimate and precious moments between you, your husband, and baby captured and preserved at the earliest stage possible. In order to do that, it is best to book your NEWBORN SESSION prior to giving birth. By securing your spot on my calendar, I will reserve, plan, and be ready for your family for when your baby arrives. Newborns are best photographed between 5-12 days new. This is the principal stage because your newborn is still squishy, pose-able and super sleepy! This makes it perfect to capture these moments. But what should you expect from your newborn’s session with me?

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Mom/Dad & Parent Portraits​

 Your family is expecting it’s first addition. This is an exciting time! Family portraits are a must! And they are my favorite ones to do! Mom, you are stunning, and I am going to capture that! I pose parents to flatter their figure and then shoot from angels that will only add to the composition. The emotional connection that you will bring from just loving on your baby will draw you into that moment each time you look at it!

What to Wear

Newborn’s attire

There is no reason for you to stress about baby’s wardrobe at all. I have numerous outfits, headbands, bonnets to choose from. And if you would like a few birthday suit poses, I can provide that look as well. Prior to your session, I will email you a detailed questionnaire concerning your session. I am also just a phone call, text message, or email away to answer all questions.

Newborn Portraits

After mom and dad have had their portraits with baby then we will move on to just baby! Here you can relax and enjoy all the creative art I will make centered around your baby. This may take some time, depending how well baby sleeps. All poses are perfectly safe for baby and conducted in a safe and gentle manner.

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Reveal Session

Wasn’t it amazing!!? When I am finished with baby, I will give you all a little break to go and stretch your legs, grab a bite to eat, and think about how adorable the portraits of your baby will be on your wall! While you are on break, I will prepare a gallery loaded with beautiful images of your baby. You and dad will then be able to review the images and select wall art, lay flat albums, image boxes, prints and more. There’s no obligation to buy at all and no minimum order you must meet. The images you have selected will be the ones I edit. Your images will match my editing style with the soft tones and creamy baby skin. Once orders are placed you can expect your art within 2-3 weeks.

Why you should only hire a trained newborn photographer

Your baby is precious. You love your baby more than anything or anyone in this world. You wouldn’t allow a stranger to come up and touch your baby without your consent. If a ‘newborn’ photographer isn’t trained it is like that awkward stranger trying to touch you baby! Don’t let them. There is so much to a baby’s physiology that is different from a grown adult. A trained newborn photographer will understand this and keep this in mind while posing your baby. A trained photographer has had hands on training with a mentor who trains newborn photographers as part of their job with years of experience behind them. A trained newborn photographer is always learning, training, and finding ways to keep your baby safe in their session.

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