The Bump

Why Maternity Photography:

Child birth is considered a beautiful adventure and experience. Honestly, as an mother of 3, I did not feel beautiful when I was expecting. Many of you may understand. As a photographer, I love to dress moms up, have her hair done and just tell her she is beautiful. Because she is. You are beautiful, mom-to-be. You are creating life and carrying it inside you! You can feel the kicks and squirms and the adorable hiccups. You are beautiful and need to be told daily.

When to shoot:

The time to have a maternity shoot is within the 7th-8th month of your pregnancy. Capture that beautiful bump, love it and just think as the photographer is posing you, that you are holding that sweet baby in your arms. You can, of course, always have your session during the 9th month. However, please consider how you may be feeling. It may be harder to walk and you may tire much faster as well as being more uncomfortable.

What to Wear:

I am slowly building my client closet. I currently have four beautiful dresses available, with 3 of them being from the lead maternity dress designers of Sew Trendy!

If you are looking for a modestly priced gown, your local department store may fulfill your needs. A flattering gown for maternity has an A-line design. Lace, silk and other delicate fabrics flow elegantly over the baby bump and flattering mom’s figure. For more style tips you can download my 4 page style guide!

More Gown Options:

If you are looking for the high end maternity gown, Sew Trendy is the shop to buy from!

Where to Shoot:

As an CNY Maternity photographer, there are so many great local on-locations as well as being central to Syracuse and Watertown. Just ask me! I have a list! Or if you like the traditional in studio style I can accommodate that as well.  

Newborn Session:

And don’t forget, that your maternity photographer may be a trained newborn photographer too! Check out her work and credentials. It is always a bonus to book your newborn session along with maternity with the same photographer.


CNY Maternity-Photography
CNY Maternity-Photography
CNY Maternity-Photography