“Lo, children are the heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.”



Shelayna Snow

Your Newborn Photographer

Hello My Beloveds!

Thank you for doing your research and coming this far to the “About Me” page. I am so glad you stopped by.  

Just a little about me:

I love to create! I love to see how pieces and the process create a final product, whether I am crafting, sewing, photographing, baking, gardening, writing, if there is a creative process, I am probably diving in with both feet.

I started my photography journey at just 8 years-old, when I had a small, orange, 35mm camera. I totally just dated myself, right? From that little camera, that I saved my allowances to buy and develop film, I birthed a love for photography. I especially enjoyed documenting families and milestone events surrounding them.

My newborn photography journey started in 2016 while 5 nephews were being born in a 10-month period! I desperately wanted to capture them all as newborns but needed hands on training so I could properly pose and photograph them safely. Well, on the day that number 5 was being born, I was at a training seminar posing my first newborns!! It was so exhilarating and changed everything I thought I knew about photography and running a professional studio.

From there I have grown out of the humble beginnings of using my dad’s Pastor’s office as a studio, to renting a (too small) studio, to having one in my own in-home studio. Once you step over the front door threshold, you are in my studio!

My goal in every newborn, family, or milestone session, is to capture that perfect moment, personality, and likeness that changes every so quickly. I offer an experience that is memorable and will be a wonderful conversation for years to come. Your portrait, when enlarged as wall art, or in an heirloom album, printed to the highest perfection will be the conversation piece of your home.

Photography is the greatest investment you can give to your family. Your children, children’s children, and so on will appreciate you for it.

Till I greet you in person, have a wonderful, peaceful time!


P.S. Here is a little bio on me.

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