Family Portraits

I love family photography sessions in Oswego NY. We have so many great locations to shoot that I can really switch up the scenery. Family portraits are important. We know that it is what mom is going to want for Christmas anyways so we might as well take one day out of the year and update our images. Fall family sessions are very common. The colors and early golden hour offer so much to your image along with your beautiful family. However, don’t dismiss the other seasons to soon. I found that in winter, with snow and evergreen trees make a beautiful fun session. Spring is elegant in the apple blossoms and we aren’t short of them here in Central NY. Our summer sunsets on Lake Ontario are some of the best in the World, and since we are sitting right on the edge of the lake, there is plenty of opportunity for them. 

All my outdoor family sessions are conducted during the golden hour to ensure the best light of the day. This is so rewarding to wait for. So make sure your little ones have napped and had dinner or a snack before the light slips away!

Some of my favorite places to shoot: Fallbrook, Brietbeck, Sunset Bay, Great Bear, Salmon River Falls, Beaver Lake and any open field with the sun setting behind you! Many of my family portrait sessions take place right in my studio or on my property in between my large, handsome fir trees.

And of course, if you would like a more composed and controlled environment you can always have an in-studio session. Here the wind, rain and sunshine won’t be a worry, and you and your family can be captured and displayed on your wall just as beautifully.

Wardrobe is always trying when dressing the family up for portrait sessions. I believe in mom finding her outfit first and the rest of the family completing the family portrait look around her. Mom, you work hard everyday for your family. You deserve family portraits that YOU will love. And just for you, is my Style Guide to make that happen!