The journey to motherhood is a walk to remember. Each mother experiences it differently and even with each pregnancy it is unique to the one prior to it. That is why, as a CNY Maternity Photographer, I love to capture the journey before the expecting parents’ lives changes forever.

I must admit, my jaw dropped when Erika and her husband stood before me ready to pose. The two are a stunning couple and should consider modeling as a career. Erika was quite easy to coach into the flattering maternity posing positions and even brought along a second outfit to wear and add variety to her session. We were able to get maternity portraits on the rocks within the brook as well as a reflection portrait along the water. Fallbrook offers several natural backdrops and we took full advantage of them.

We caught the couple’s reflection at Fallbrook during their CNY Maternity Photography session.

Capturing your maternity journey is ‘worth it’. Every pregnancy is different for every mom-to-be. But one of the common factors, is we do not always feel our best. So, dressing yourself up in something flattering and having your hair done is so ‘worth it’ to remember your journey and all the work you put into your pregnancy.

CNY Maternity sessions can be on locations or in studio. I encourage dad and any other children to participate though the focus is always on the mom-to-be. In my client closet, I have several dresses available to wear for the maternity session, so you will not have to spend extra money on an outfit. I encourage maternity sessions to be captured within the 30-34 week mark, when mama’s belly is defined yet you are not too uncomfortable to stand and pose for the portraits.

If you need CNY Maternity photographer, please give me a call at (315) 297-1816 or email me at I am happy to share my maternity experience with you and walk you through your session.

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