What better way to celebrate your 24th wedding anniversary with a gift of portrait photography! And what made this session the best in the world, is both participates are ballroom dance instructors and my aunt and uncle! As a Watertown NY Family Photographer, I was asked to capture the couple in motion as they danced around my studio. I was more than happy to oblige.

Aunt Maria and Uncle Tom cutting the rug in my studio! |Watertown NY Family Photography

Having a dance session brought several challenges for me. First off, my studio isn’t a large room. I literally cleared the floor of extra furniture, plants, and props. I hid a wall of ‘nonsense’ behind a white sheet, while I dressed my usually black curtained windows with white chiffon. I left the windows opened to allow the breeze to add some motion to the flowing curtains.

My next challenge was to have enough light and a fast-enough shutter speed to capture the couple as they choreographed their dance in front of me. Using the natural light from the windows, I had my main studio light set to help me capture the moving subject.

Finally, while the dancers had cooled down, I reset the studio quickly for some formal still portraits. These moments are so important to capture. As a married couple your journey never ends, and your love continues to grow. It is important to capture these moments of yourselves together.

Another bonus from this session, was my girls and myself all received a waltz lesson from my uncle! It all started with Rose, 11, telling Uncle Tom she knew how to dance the waltz. Thankfully, he was patient and kind enough to set her straight! Then, Rachel, 9, Chloe 6, and myself, all had a turn to dance with him.

Uncle Tom giving Rose a dance lesson. Watertown NY Family Photography

If you are in need of family portraits, please give me a call today (315) 297-1816 or email me at info@simplyshelayna.com. I will guide you through the experience I offer, answering all your questions and concerns. I will even provide you with my own style guide to help you prepare for your session. Please enjoy the Watertown NY Family Photography portraits below!

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  1. Patti Constance

    Beautiful! You captured Maria’s inner beauty perfectly. Great in movement of both.

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