I may have mentioned it a few times on Social Media that I have been blessed with three nieces in 2021. Yes, it is only March. What will the next 9 months bring? This blog is dedicated to my third niece, Charlotte who shares my birthday month of February.

Miss Charlotte was only 7 days new and was so content through her whole newborn portrait session. In only an hour and a half, I was able to capture parent, family, and multiple squishy newborn portraits on my beanbag. As a CNY Newborn Photographer, I love to pose all my little nephews and nieces in their tiniest stage of new life.

Charlotte is wearing her Firefighter dress from Number 2 Willow Lane in a bum up pose, profile shot. | CNY Newborn Photography

Charlotte’s daddy is a local firefighter so of course I had to include his profession in her session. Number 2 Willow Lane offers career uniforms designed to fit newborns specifically for their newborn session. When Charlotte’s gender was announced, I purchased her a firefighter’s outfit to honor her father’s livelihood.

When booking your newborn photography session before birth, there is always a question of “How will we schedule our newborn session if the baby isn’t born yet?” As an expectant mama, you may be planning on having your baby naturally with no predetermined date of when your baby will arrive. That leaves room for much uncertainty when booking your newborn session. That’s where I come in. When you book your newborn session with me before your baby’s birth, I will add you to my calendar and will not overbook for the week that you are expecting to deliver. Within two days after giving birth (while resting in the hospital or at home) shoot me a message of your blessed arrival. From there, we will schedule a date for your newborn’s photography session. Newborns are best posed and photographed within 5- 14 days of birth, so it is crucial to have your newborn photographer booked well before your baby arrives. 

If you are looking to hire a CNY Newborn Photographer, please give me a call today at (315) 297-1816 or email me at info@simplyshelayna.com. I will guide you through the experience I offer, answering all your questions and concerns. I will even provide you with my own style guide to help you prepare for your session. Please enjoy the CNY Newborn Photography portraits below!

Shelayna Snow is a professionally trained CNY Newborn Photographer. She continues to study and train in the art and safety of posing newborns to provide the best photography services and experience for her little clients and their parents. Shelayna is also certified with American Red Cross in Infant CPR. When she is not making heirloom art, Shelayna is homeschooling her three daughters, digging in her garden or wandering through the woods.

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