One thing a new mother loves, is updating portraits of her baby. With the advanced technology cellphones provide, we find ourselves click-clicking snapshots through the day and updating our beautiful baby to social media. This is a fine way to capture snapshots, but they often get buried under the numerous amounts of retakes. Before we know it, we are overwhelmed with the large number of pictures on our phone and don’t know which to keep, print (who does that these days?), and God forbid, DELETE to make space! I may be preaching to myself here. But hey, leave me an “AMEN” if you’ve been there!

An alternative option (and you can keep going with all your snapshots) is to plan in advance and have me, your CNY Newborn Photographer, photograph your baby through all its milestone stages. You can start as early as Maternity (bump it!) Newborn, or 3 months.

If you start at Maternity and/or newborn you will follow up with a 3-month, 6-month, 9 month and a 1-year milestone session. My quarterly milestone sessions are classic and quick. Often my clients spend as little as $200 or less for prints or digital fiels. These simple sessions update the new tooth (or teeth), rolling over, sitting up, crawling etc.

My one-year milestone sessions are a blast! I offer a themed session (if mom likes that idea). I also have a classic set up, a cake smash and to clean it all up, a splashing bubble bath! These sessions take up to 1-hour and require more time on my end to set up, tear down and clean up. The average clients purchase for prints and or digital files, is around $300.

So how does it all work?

I am so glad you asked. Let’s say you came in for your newborn session, and you want professional portraits for the rest of the year. I will check my calendar with yours and schedule you then and there. You will confirm your session using my contract/invoice link and then we wait for the 3-month period to come and do our first session. Following the session, we repeat the process, scheduling the 6-month session, booking using the link I provide. The same will happen with 9-month through 1 year. And once you book all 4 sessions, (3 months through 1 year) you will receive an 8×12 print FREE as my gift and ‘Thank You’ to you for trusting me with your baby’s portraits for a full year!

Another bonus with booking your Grow with Me session, is I reward my returning clients with half-off session fees. So, if you are booking your 1-year milestone session at $100, it now is only $50! I do sell my products via A La Carte following the session, but you are under no obligation to purchase.

And I promise, you won’t forget about all these sessions. After your newborn session I will send you a reminder in the form of a sweet magnet of your baby. You’ll smile each time you look at it!

BONUS for 2020!

I have had this thought for a while but have been trying to find a way to make it happen. I am now offering for my newborn clients and those who are in my Grow with Me plan, a COMPLETELY FREE monthly portrait update. Its going to be so simple. I will announce at the beginning of the month my Marathon date sometime that month, and you will be able to bring in your baby for a quick 5-minute, classic portrait. You will receive 1 digital download with a print release at no cost. Again, this is for my newborn clients that are participating in my Grow with Me plan. You can use your monthly stickers, blankets, chalkboards, or just get a classic portrait in a cute outfit. So, make sure you are following my Facebook page, so you don’t miss the dates each month!

Are you excited now?? I know I am! If you are ready to advantage of my Grow with Me plan, or you need more information on my Newborn session please give me a call at (315) 297-1816 or email me at

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