I’ve been saving this blog to share with you all after the Christmas holidays. Now that everyone has had time to share their Christmas cards and family portraits, it is fair game for me to share them as well!

Zadyn and Brooklynn at my Oswego family photography Christmas Mini Session.

I had three Christmas setups this year. The first setup being, “T’was the Night Before Christmas”. Christmas pj’s were encouraged as well as soft pillow fights and clean tootsies. The children were able to bounce on the bed, read the polar express, pose for individual portraits as well as sibling and family portraits. I started planning this setup after Christmas of 2019, and purchased the props, Christmas trees, pillows etc. when they were on clearance. Even the quilt was preconceived, and hand made by yours truly.

My second Christmas session was back in my “Christmas Kitchen.” I had such a good time shooting it last year, that I had to bring it back for 2020. Besides, who doesn’t like to bake Christmas cookies? I really enjoyed having the one-year-olds sit on the table and help themselves to the cookie dough. They’d plow their little fingers in and shove it in their mouth! Other children enjoyed decorating gingerbread houses, men, and/or cutting out cookie dough to bake. The interaction between the children and parents was sincere and beautiful. As a mom who bakes with her daughters, I know how much these moments are truly worth in the kitchen.

My third setup was a classic family portrait setup. I used my two trees to frame the background, then posed the families. Simply and sweet. I was even able to capture some maternity ones like this as well.

When it comes to making memories, whether you have hired a professional, or you are at home or hiking in the woods, having a photo of those moments will mean the world to you now and forever. Always remember to capture your family’s moments to look back on with a smile. And thank you to all who made me your Oswego Family Photographer for 2020! Have a blessed new year!

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