There is a proverb that says a “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” 

I often ponder this wise saying, and question what am I leaving my grandchildren, whom haven’t even been brought into existence yet. Though my kids are still in school and living at home, looking to bless their future and their children’s future is wisdom.

3 sisters wearing black and white outfits stand close together in front of a sunflower field smiling at Simply Shelayna Family Photography Studio in CNY.
My 3 daughters, posed in front of a sunflower tree.

An inheritance is much more than monetary value. We have the ability to pass down to our children’s children spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  How we go about it will impact our future generations for better or for worse.

We must ask ourselves, “What type of inheritance do I want to leave my children for them to remember me by? And will it add value to their life?”

When I visit my grandma, she pulls out albums of memories, and shares with me stories of people from long ago, and recreates all the details of the trips, events, and moments that she treasures and gives them to me.

An elderly couple hold each other in front of a lakeview sunset of orange and purple smiling at the many years they have been together with Simply Shelayna Family photography in CNY.

You and I cannot deny the power of the photograph. When we are stuck in a waiting room, we look through old images on our phone and smile. We capture literally EVERYTHING our children do as a keepsake for the future. When a loved one passes, our first instinct is to browse our albums whether it is a hard copy or digital searching diligently through our photos for the one we lost. We may smile, cry, or both, but we are grateful for the photograph.

A great grandmother holds a portrait of her daughter, who is holding a portrait of her daughter, who is holding a portrait of her daughters with Simply Shelayna Family Portrait Studios in CNY.
Generation portrait are family keepsakes!

We value photography, not because of what it is, but because of who is in it. And the longer we have it in our possession, the dearer the portrait, whether candid or professionally captured, becomes to us.

In the end, we will pass down these portraits of ourselves and our children into the hands of our grandchildren to cherish and remember us by.

Let’s leave our children a good inheritance. Let’s invest in photography that will display us, our newborns, our families in the best light, and show our children and their children that we took the time to invest in ourselves for their sake and that they too are worth investing in.

Just some spiritual thoughts from your friendly neighborhood CNY Baby & Family Photographer.

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