I have been told numerous times that I could sell these cookies.

Even more times than that, they were requested and expected at get togethers.

A young teenage girl is mixing the batter to the best chocolate chip cookies with Simply Shelayna Family Photography in CNY.
Rose stirring the chocolate Chip Cookie Batter!

What makes this recipe the best is one “secret” ingredient. And it is not applesauce!

As kids, we were always excited when mom made chocolate chip cookies. They were always soft, fluffy and needed a glass of milk to make them complete!

I now have my girls treating us to their sweet goodness and I want to share it with you and your children the same experience I have with mine this holiday season.

Please take a moment and try out this tasty chocolate chip cookie recipe!  

a plate of chocolate chip cookies ready to be cooked with Simply Shelayna Family Photography in CNY.

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