I said what I said. This newborn photographer loves the month of February and has a great offer at the end of her reasonings if you keep on reading!

I’m celebrating my day with fabulous offers for you!

Keeping it short (like me!)

5. February doesn’t drag on, and on, and on, like some of the other months (ahem January!) It is short and sweet, and not just because of Valentine’s Day either. It works out exactly to 4 weeks with no extra days swinging around into a new week (except once every 4 years). It’s like a nice visit from a friend who doesn’t overstay their welcome. February comes, has a pleasant conversation, then moves leaving your ready to welcome spring.

America’s greatest are born when??

4. America’s two greatest presidents were born in February. Clearly it is a month for excellence! In case you don’t know who those two men are, 1 is George Washington, First in war, First in peace, and First in the hearts of his country men. And though he may have had a rough road and paid for it with his life, Abraham Lincoln cannot be denied his greatness.

Winter Break.

3. You must understand. I am a homeschool mama. I need winter break to happen every year. January is a LOOOOOONG month. And I love the fact that winter break is always scheduled during the 3rd week of February. Obviously, there’s more to that story and if you keep reading you’ll see why. I was also homeschooled, and depending where my siblings and I stood with our completed course work by the time February rolled around, we were some years denied the pleasure of winter breaks. But not anymore!

Maple. Syrup. Season.

2. Yes, I LOVE the golden goodness of maple syrup! My dad started tapping trees on his property when I was a young teen. Though tedious and a lot of back-breaking hard work, I would help him collect his sap around the woods, in slushy, muddy snow. We spent hours and hours boiling gallons of sap down to store up syrup for the next 12 months. It is so worth it. I anticipate the February thaw every year, because I know the season is short and warmer winter days means the sap will be flowing and I will have REAL syrup for my pancakes!


1. It’s my birthday month! You had to see it coming. I am hardly at all inconspicuous. And since my birthday is exactly 3 weeks into the month, it always falls during winter break. Yup, I take the WHOLE week off from school to celebrate!  Every year, I celebrate my kids and my husband. Every year I try to celebrate all of my 24 nieces and nephews and their parents etc. And all throughout the year I am celebrating my tiniest clients at their birth with newborn sessions and my milestone clients who are having cake smash for their 1st birthday. So yes, I plan to take some time to celebrate me too.

Savings for you!

With this year’s birthday celebration, I will be the one handing out the gifts! I am slashing my new age off in percentages for all my Collections! That means, if you have already booked your newborn, maternity, or milestone session for this year, and you are calmly waiting for the session to take place, you can pre-pay for your collection at a MASSIVE discount. However, there are only a handful of tickets available. And if you want to know the percentage you will be saving, CALL ME today at 315.297.1816! I will walk you through my 2023 Collections and show you your savings. You can then request your collection invoice to be sent to you directly when it goes live the 3rd week of February so you don’t miss out!

Still need to book??

If you have not booked your session yet, never fear, email me at info@simplyshelayna.com and put “birthday savings” in the subject line, and tell me what type of session you are looking for. Please include your phone number so I can contact you directly and share your savings with you! Once you are *booked, you will be eligible to purchase a Birthday Savings Collection.

*Booking your session means you are scheduling your session ahead and saving the date on my calendar. To book in advance, I require a retainer payment. Your retainer saves your date, covers your session’s time in studio, use of my props, outfits, my creative setups, my time and talent, and your reveal and ordering session.

Again, give me a call at 315.297.1816 to SAVE big this February!

**The birthday savings cannot be combined with any other offer. All Collections purchased must be redeemed by November 2023.

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