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Are you researching a newborn photographer for your soon to arrive little bundle of joy and have lots of questions that need answers? Look no further! Here are the questions I answer with every client that calls me!

How soon should I book my newborn session?

As soon as possible. If you are passed the first trimester of your pregnancy that is an amazing time to start the booking process for your newborn session. Newborn photographers schedule months out in advance and can only conduct a limited number of newborns sessions per month. Not only does booking in advance save your date on a newborn photographer’s calendar, but you will be able to start saving up for the beautiful portraits you will hang on your walls.

How do I schedule a newborn session when I don’t know the EXACT date my baby will be born?

I love to answer this question. I will only book a limited number of newborns each month to guarantee all the early and late due babies get the same amount of attention and quality care from me. I know babies don’t always show up on time. Within 2 days after your baby’s birth, I ask that you shoot me an email with the good news. I will then be in touch to schedule a concrete date for your newborn session within the proper time frame. Newborns are at their squishiest peek within 5-14 days new.

Will I get my family portrait updated?

Yes, yes and yes!! Adding a newborn baby to a family is such beautiful experience that I highly recommend you update your family portrait during your newborn’s portrait session with me. I do not charge any extra for the family to come and be part of the newborn session.

My other child is a toddler, and I am worried he won’t sit well, should I still include him in the session?

Toddlers are tricky with newborn babies. Some love their siblings and want that special moment with them and this is great! Others are protective of their new baby and don’t want me to hold, pose or photograph their little sibling. And then there are the big siblings that don’t want to participate or have anything to do with the newborn baby. I will NEVER put a baby in harms way if the older sibling (toddler age) does not want to be part of the session. I can easily create a composite with many toddlers and newborns if necessary.

How soon will I see my newborn session gallery?

If you book with me, you can see your sessions gallery the SAME DAY as your newborn session! Or if you are strapped for time, we will schedule out within the same week of your session date. It’s like replaying all the portrait session all over frozen in time!

What does full service photography mean?

Full-service means I will take care of you and your newborn portrait needs from start to finish. I will guide your through my session, provide the props, outfits etc. and all you need is to bring the baby. I will handle the process of the artwork till it is ready to hang on your walls.

How long will my newborn wall art/products last?

Imagine looking at a wall art portrait in your home everyday and remembering those first moments! Will it make you smile? Maybe some days you’ll tear up a little. My artwork is heirloom quality. It is processed in the best labs for long lasting quality. You will be able to pass down your newborn’s portrait to them as adults and it continue to their children and their children’s children so long as you give it the proper care it deserves. Could you imagine knowing the tiniest details of your own grandparent as a newborn?

What kind of discounts do you offer?

I am so glad you asked! I offer a 24-hour booking special that will get you a spot on my calendar almost as soon as you call me. While placing your order, you may want to take advantage of my Collections packages that offer not only a savings on the the Collection itself, but on any additional products you want from the A La Carte!

Thank you for taking the time to read through my FAQ’s. If you have further questions, please give me a call at (315) 297-1816. To view more of my newborns please check out my newborn gallery.

Shelayna Snow is a CNY newborn photographer who has been recognized by as one of the top 2018, 2019, and 2020 CNY Newborn Photographers. When Shelayna is not photographing newborns, she can be found on an adventure with her 3 daughters.

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