Joey in bum up pose but from a profile birds eye view angel. Pants and bonnet knitted by Yours Truly.

What a heritage it is to carry a name down from generation to generation. I had the honor to capture Joseph Anthony the Third at just 8 days new! Joey rocked his newborn session along with his sweet big sister who gave us so many tender moments that will be treasured forever.

Miss Lia kissing baby Joey who is snugly wrapped up and posed on a white flakoti.

This is what professionally newborn photography is all about. It is about capturing the here and now and treasuring it through all the seasons of life. Babies grow so quickly. Features change. Children become adults, but that portrait of your 8-day old baby with big sister giving him kisses will always be there reminding you of the precious moments you will always have.

Professional photography can offer us so much value and will last us a lifetime of pleasure. You will never regret investing in newborn photography. Yes, it is an investment, but the payoff is worth it. When you baby heads to kindergarten, you will have these moments. When he crosses the stage at high school graduation, you will have these moments. And when he gives you your first grand baby, oh mama, think of the moments you will have to look back on! I defy any cute pair of baby booties that will be worn more than three times to bring you as much joy as a well captured portrait.

Professional newborn photographs aren’t something we tuck in a shoe box to sort through later or reminded us once a year on social media as it shows up in our memories. It is to be proclaimed and hung proudly on the walls so we can enjoy them every day of our lives.

If you are expecting and are researching for a trained Oswego NY Newborn Photographer, call me (315) 297-1816. I will guide you through my sessions and help you prepare for my newborn photography experience.

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