Little Liam came to see me at about 3 months old. I just loved all his hair and those chubby cheeks. He had a sweet disposition and for the most part didn’t complain with all the switching up that was done while his portraits were being taken. When his mom had called me, during consultation, she wanted to have his portraits done soon, because he was growing out of his outfits, many of which were gifts from grandma.

As an Oswego NY Baby Photographer, I get to see how quickly babies grow. From newborn, through each milestone, to their one year the time flies by. I know the urgency behind getting a milestone baby on my calendar. Before long, I had Liam in the studio, and we had a blast dressing him in all kinds of outfits and costumes for three-month session.

Some of the sweet outfits Liam had were hand-me-downs his grandma had saved from her own son. To be able to have it worn again and professionally photographed is a treasure now for the parents and grandmother, and in the future for the child.

Liam had nine outfits to model, and he rocked each one of them. His outfits and costumes included a Santa set, Tigger, a policeman, a baseball player and the cutest turkey ever! He even wore a couple of classic outfits. Liam gracefully allowed us to change and pose him through each set.

If your little one is growing quickly then please give me a call (315) 297-1816, or shoot me an email at These moments are fleeting but I can help you remember them forever, for what they truly are.

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