Let’s play peek-a-boo! Lila at her 3-month milestone session.

I love it when out of state friends come to chill with me in the studio while up visiting their families. As an Oswego Milestone Photographer, that’s what miss Lila’s mama did on an extended family trip from Florida. I have known Lila’s mom since I was at least seven maybe six years old. Though she is a few years younger than me, we spent a lot of our childhood/teen years together. We were often confused as sisters. I found nothing wrong with those assumptions.  However, as life goes, different paths make for different destinations. But when she came home with her beautiful baby girls, Serenity 5, and Lila 3 months, I couldn’t pass up the invitation to have her come over for a visit and some precious portraits in my home studio.  

At 3 months new, Lila had great eye contact and a beautiful smile. Her eyes followed me around the studio as posed, wrapped and swapped outfits for some memorable portraits. She didn’t mind the maneuvering and kept a good attitude for the stranger with the big, black camera.

Lila is a happy girl for her milestone portraits!

And if big sis is there, I had to include her too. I had the honor of photographing this sweet girl when she was almost 2 months old. At this time, I did not know or have any skill in newborn photographer, but her mama loved the portraits anyway. And anytime I get a chance to have Serenity in front of my camera, I take it! (She has the best hair!) I captured the two sisters together creating several portraits for mom to love and cherish forever.

Even if you are traveling out of town, if you have time for a visit, stop in and see your photographer friends. They love to catch up and see how you have progressed and give love on your children.

If you are in need of milestone portraits, please give me a call at (315 297-1816 or email me at info@simplyshelayna.com.

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