I’ve known this young man for most of his life and was even his Sunday school teacher for several years. When his mom, who homeschooled him throughout his education, asked me to be his senior portrait photographer, I was honored.

Stephen at Mexico Pointe State Park for his CNY Senior Photography session.

Stephen is a 2020 homeschool graduate and did a terrific job in modeling his senior session. We shot on location at Mexico Pointe State Park. The park has several natural backdrops offering an abundance of portrait varieties in a short span. We took advantage of the nature trail leading up to Spy Island, the boardwalk, the abandon rock chimney, Lake Ontario, and other spots.

With senior photography, I like to add special elements to their sessions. Whether the senior is into sports, music, hot rod cars, or whatever, I encourage them to add it to their session for personalization. Stephen brought his dog, Beethoven. I was able to capture some sweet moments between the two.

Since mom was Stephen’s teacher, she had dressed up to have a few pictures with her and her senior. I took advantage of the situation and posed her alone with the beautiful wildflowers that were growing in the park and woods. And of course, she rocked it.

CNY Senior sessions are so rewarding not only to the senior who put in all the work for the last 13 years, but also for the parents. It is a job well done to all involved when a senior graduate whether it was homeschooled, public or private school. Investing in senior photography will give parents something special to look back on with pride and admiration.

If you are in need of senior portraits, please give me a call today (315) 297-1816 or email me at info@simplyshelayna.com. I will guide you through the experience I offer, answering all your questions and concerns. I will even provide you with my own style guide to help you prepare for your session. Please enjoy the CNY Senior Photography portraits below!

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