“Why are braces so expensive?” my husband asked me quite perplexed several minutes after I shared with him the results of our eldest daughter’s orthodontist consultation.

I had to pause Audible, as I was listening to Defying Jihad by Esther Ahmed, while I finished canning my home-made tomato soup. The answer is quite simple, though the allotted sum still stares us in the face like a money-grubbing monster.

“It’s a lifetime investment,” was my simple answer.

Your newborn is worth investing in

He sighed as he realized the truth. We had a referral from her dentist on what we thought was for the large gap in her front two uppers, when the referral was really for the underbite that was in the process of damaging all her teeth.

With a wave of my hand toward my home studio, I tried to explain it further. “It’s like my newborn sessions. The portraits you receive last more than a lifetime.”

There is much to be said about professional experiences like newborn and family portraits. The happiness they bring each time you see them. The conversations they start. The memories they invoke of that special day when the family came together, dressed, pressed, and smiling making that emotional connection of love that is so evident. And on top of all that is the experience you had with your professional photographer. She made you feel amazing, taking the time to be there and answer your concerns and diminishing your fears. You knew that while in your consultation, she was holding your precious moments safely in her hands.

And these moments are so precious. You will adore and treasure them. You will just stop and stare with tears in your eyes so happy that your investment will last forever. Your children’s children will treasure the heirloom you left them more than anything else in the world and be forever grateful to you for taking the time to have professional portraits done.

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