It’s not everyday that this Oswego NY Newborn Photographer can offer savings off her Portrait Collections at almost 40% reduction! Wait what? That is a ridiculous savings for you to enjoy lifetime of happiness of heirloom portraits and genuine smiles.

So here is the scoop. I’m getting older. I will be 37 this February of 2023. I prefer dark chocolate with sea salt caramel. The week of my birthday, between February 20th and 26th, you will have an opportunity to save on your next scheduled sessions.

What type of session are you looking for?

Maybe you are in need of a family session? We can get it on the calendar! How about a milestone or newborn? Let’s do it! Even if you haven’t scheduled your session yet, you can do so my filling out a contact form and placing “Birthday Savings” in the comments and whatever session you are in need of.

Oswego NY Newborn Photographer
Me, posing for an early birthday portrait!

I will then call you! It is quite nice to get a phone call these days that aren’t looking to renew your car’s warranty. It’s especially nice when that call is from someone who is willing to create a custom portrait session that you will look back on daily with awe and no regrets.

While having our conversation, I will walk you through my booking process, (booking and scheduling are the same thing and require a retainer to hold your date), and I will show you your amazing savings and ALL the wonderful works of art you will attain by allowing me to be your artist of choice.

Are you ready to save? Here is your link again, to get you started on embellishing your walls with your favorite people!

For even faster service, CALL ME 315.297.1816

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