Being a Syracuse Newborn Photographer, I spend a lot of time discussing with “mom to be’ about her vision of her newborn’s portraits. Chances are, she has seen my website and has picked her favorites, and she probably has a Pinterest board of all her chosen poses. So, in her mind she can envision what she wants to see on her walls every day of her newborn baby.

Although I have a workflow that takes me through 3 separate posing sessions, Family poses, prop poses, and beanbag poses, and they cover more than the basic newborn pose, I know that mom’s desired pose will be there in the midst of my workflow, and I will be able to provide her with her most coveted portrait.

5 Most Requested Newborn Portrait Poses

Bum Up Pose

Either in the birthday suit or dressed in a snug newborn outfit, the bum up pose does not disappoint. Ever. With this pose, I curl baby naturally up into itself and so we see fingers and toes with elbow connecting to the knee. Baby asleep in bum up pose makes for a picture-perfect portrait that will be forever adored. It also is the start up pose of all my beanbag poses. So, it is a must capture for me, and a beloved portrait for baby’s gallery.

Newborn girl in an all natural look posed in Bum UP at Simply Shelayna Newborn Portrait Studio in Oswego NY.
Simply Baby in Bum Up Pose

Wrapped Baby Pose

Moms often refer to the wrapped baby as either the stork is bringing baby, or baby looks like a burrito. Either way you call it, mom loves her little one wrapped and may prefer it over the cute outfit or natural naky look. Wraps are always wrapped snug, but safe, and baby loves it. The snug wrap reminds baby of being in mommy’s womb. One bonus about wrapping baby, is it encourages sleepy vibes and more efficient workflow.

Newborn girl wrapped in a jersey wrap with toes sticking out at Simply Shelayna Newborn Portrait Studio in Oswego NY.
The wrapped baby always brings on the “oooohs” and “ahhhs”.

Chin up Pose

I’ll be honest, it took me a long time to master this pose. Every baby is different. Some don’t like tummy time, and well, size matters too. There is no “one size fits all” when constructing the shelf for the chin up pose. And there is quite a difference in size from 6lbs to 8lbs! However, after many wonderful newborns, (I have successfully captured over 100 babies!) I am always welcoming this pose and tickled pink when I get it.

Newborn boy lies with his hands on chin with a blue knitted bonnet on his head and tied under his chin at Simply Shelayna Newborn Portrait Studio in Oswego NY.
Chin up is a well favored newborn pose as it shows all of baby’s sweet face and plenty of fingers.

Tucked In, Side Profile Pose  

I took this pose out of my workflow. I don’t have a good explanation for my reason why. But after 3 moms requested it, I slipped it back in. There’s something about a backlit image and matched up with a side profile it creates a gorgeous portrait, whether newborn, child, or adult. It also makes a timeless black and white portrait that will be forever the conversation piece of your home.

Froggy Pose

I literally had a mom tell me, that because I captured her 2nd baby in froggy pose, she was done bearing children. This shows just how often moms ask me for froggy. They may not know it by name, but they are willing to demonstrate the top half of the image!

I am going on record to say, DO NOT TRY FROGGY POSE AT HOME. If your newborn photographer has NOT had hands on training, she is not to try this on your baby. Baby’s safety is more important than this pose being done by an untrained newborn photographer.

A quick edit of newborn boy in froggy pose

I had to say it for baby’s safety.

The froggy pose captures all digits and is just so stinking cute. However, it is always done with hands on baby for baby’s safety. In photoshop, the photographer splices the 2 images together, creating one hands free portrait of baby holding up its own head.

The froggy pose is more challenging as it requires an assistant and baby to be sleepy, relaxed, and willing to be molded into the pose. I will not force baby into it but am always ecstatic when they oblige, and I am able to capture said pose. Parents are always thrilled when they see the edited portrait, as it looks a little wonky in processing.

Baby boy in froggy pose displaying all fingers and toes at Simply Shelayna Newborn portrait studio in Oswego NY.
Baby boy posed gracefully in Froggy

I hope you have enjoyed my 5 most requested newborn portrait poses for this Syracuse NY Newborn Photographer. Please leave a comment below on your favorite newborn pose and share your newborn experience.

Are you doing your homework in looking for a trained, professional newborn photographer? If so, give me a call at 315.297.1816 or email me at You can also fill out my New Lead Form and I will call you ready to hear your vision and bring it to life!

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