As your Syracuse NY Commencement Photographer, I love to honor those who complete their education whether it is high school and or at a higher level!

This is Dawn. She has just graduated from Columbia University with her Bachelor’s Degree! Can we give her a round of applause?

There are many reasons I am highlighting this awesome lady.
1. She is a single mom of 3, who went back to school as a non-traditional student and pursued who bachelor’s degree.
2. Not only is she a single mom, but she is fostering 2 babies along with her own children.
3. And not only is she being awesome and fostering babies, but runs a non-profit, Love Giving Hope, where she collects sanitary items for women in shelters. Please support her if you can!
4. And…she is pursuing her own dreams of Race Every State, still while raising a family alone and getting a higher education!

Dawn, my hat is off to you! You are to be commended and may the Lord bless your efforts as you love on His children!

Shelayna Snow is a professional photographer located the Oswego County area, and servicing Central NY. While she adores newborns and toddlers, she often captures family and high school senior portraits as well.

You can reach Shelayna by emailing her at or by calling her at 315.297.1816

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