“Cookie tower! Cookie tower! Cookie tower! Cookie tower!!” My three girls chanted as I prepared for our annual Christmas cookie baking. How was I going to live up to this one? My girls had been watching the Nickelodeon tv show, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn, and there was an episode all about acquiring a cookie tower. The delightful quads had seen the magnificent tower of cookies in a bakery window display and now wanted it for themselves.

The finished cookie tower | Syracuse NY Family Photographer

And of course, now my girls wanted it too.

So, without knowing how I was going to create a cookie tower from scratch, I looked around the house to see how I could piece this bad boy together.

Let’s just say it took a lot of hot glue, cardboard and Ows!! to make it. However, it creates a beautiful, holiday display for our sweet tooths and my girls love it.


  • 4 pieces of 8×10 sturdy cardboard the same size
  • 1 piece of 5×7 carboard
  • I cardboard cylinder 12” long, 2” diameter
  • Aluminum foil
  • Hot glue, keep extra glue sticks on hand.
  • Décor to holidize it! I used tinsel, string beads, and fairy lights

Cookie Tower Instructions:

The 1st thing you need is cardboard. My cookie tower has four levels including the base. The bottom three levels were all the same size and the last one was much smaller. I used 2 for the base to help stabilize the cylinder. Up next, I cut out a 2” circle centered in my levels except the very bottom base.

The 2nd item on your list to grab is a sturdy cardboard cylinder. I saved mine from the inside of an aluminum foil box. It’s stronger than the paper towel cylinder.

Using the aluminum foil, I wrapped all my levels individually, bringing the foil through the holes. The hot glue was my sticky agent to keep my aluminum foil tacked in place.

After wrapping the cylinder in foil as well, I placed it through the 4 holes, spacing out the top 4, and hot gluing them in place. This can be tricky. That’s why it is good not to cut your holes too big.

With the cylinder nice and tightly glued into place, I was able to hot glue some décor to the tower. I edged the levels with tinsel and strung some beads tacked to the corners on the very top. I added fairy lights to help illuminate the yummy treats that were to come.

Syracuse NY Family Photographer
Cookies on board!

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