Her eyes went big, and her mouth dropped a little, when I told her she could toss glitter around my Syracuse NY Family Photography Studio.

Syracuse NY Family Photography
Let’s play in glitter!

“That’s nothing that would be allowed at home,” Teagan declared almost scared to do it! But oh, what a blast she had! The little girl soon opened up, as she spread the magnificent magic like pixie dust!

These are moments that not only she, but her mother will love forever. Portraits like these aren’t something you can accomplish in a mall photo booth and can be very difficult and tedious to try to replicate at home!

In my sessions, I always instruct my young ladies first on how to properly blow the glitter, so it doesn’t end up in their precious little eyes! That would be no fun at all! Then, they get to just play and enjoy themselves as I do the rest of the work.

And the best part (besides the glorious artwork for your walls) is that I clean up the mess, and mom and daughter get to reminisce about the special day.

Would you like a special session dedicated to your girl? Shoot me an email at info@simplyshelayna.com.

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