The song rings true. You’re Gonna Miss This.

As of late my husband and I have been noticing that our little girls aren’t quite so little anymore.

Their high squeaky voices have lowered an octave or two.

Their once tiny feet that were so cute to paint on canvasses as Mother’s Day gifts for grandma are too big and not so cute anymore.

And the worst part of all, my eldest is as tall as me, with her little sister shooting up behind her. Baby Sis still tries to snuggle on my lap but my goodness the 8 in a half year old is just not fitting there anymore!

 When did my babies grow up?!

And do I miss it? You better believe it.

I miss all the stages of their milestones in photography. I always had a camera firing away at them. But only every in quantity that the digital age set in. Never in quality as the artist I grew into as they grew out of their little stages.

For the first 7 years of being a mom I took a picture everyday of my girls growing up. At their annual birthday party, I would play the last 365 days back and watch them grow up all over again.

But I never bothered with setting up a professional set or applying my skill till after their tiny stages had already been long gone.

I. Missed. Them. All.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made.

Professional portraits are so much more than a pretty face in a pretty setting.

As a professional Syracuse NY Newborn and Family Photographer, I work behind the scenes in setting up the vision you shared with me. I work behind the camera to get the personality of your child to flow. Then using the talent and information I have acquired and refined, I capture that gorgeous baby of yours.

And it doesn’t even stop there. There’s time spent editing, making the skin flawless and correcting other minuscule imperfections in the backdrop and on set.

All this is accomplished so you, mom, can always have those little stages.

The newborn baby coos a half-asleep smile.

The teething milestone where their own toes become a chewing toy!

How about when they only sit up and giggle at you as you make silly blowing noises at them.

And then they are on the run! And it is like a game of ‘Catch Me If You Can’ to keep them still in the portrait!

Their smiles and laughs are infectious and oh how they experience cake for the first time is such an adventure for both baby and mom!

I offer Grow with Me sessions just to help you keep these moments alive forever. They are meant to be displayed and relived on your walls daily. Because before you know it, they will be skipping down the driveway to meet that big yellow bus and they will come back with a diploma only to drive away to college.

That’s how fast these moments race by! Don’t miss it. Book your newborn, 6-month, 1-year milestone sessions today at or 315.297.1816.

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