What could be better than posing one newborn? How about two!! That’s right, I am officially a CNY Twin Newborn Photographer and I love it! Cora and Madi may have arrived 5 weeks early and were 19 days new for their session, but they rocked each pose and provided their gallery with gorgeous portraits that their parents will adore forever.

Cor and Madi snuggled together! CNY Twin Newborn Photography

Being a CNY Twin Newborn Photographer was definitely a new challenge for me. The last 4 years, I have worked with only single newborns and had been aching for a set of twins to pose in my studio. I of course had my lovely assistant, Marissa, helping me, and as I posed one baby (Cora, since she was the bigger twin) first, Marissa was soothing Madi in her arms and pat-patting Miss Cora with her free hand to help keep her calm before we added the second twin. It was so sweet to see the girls snuggle into each other like they were back in the womb for some sissy time. Mama had mentioned in the session, that this was the first they have been together this long since they were born. I think they missed each other.

Another bonus to this session was having big brother, Spencer, there. Spencer did a great job posing with his little sisters. He will make a good protector for them as they grow up.

With CNY Twin Newborn Photography, I not only capture the two girls together, but took the time to get some individual portraits of them as well. I would pose one twin alone, capture her, add the 2nd twin for a double portrait of the 2 girls together. We also accomplished poses with just parent and the whole family.

If you are expecting twins, triplets or just a single baby, give me a call now to set up your newborn session. You won’t regret investing in CNY newborn photography. (315) 297-1816 or email me at info@simplyshelayna.com.

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