Every cake smash photography session is an adventure! I never know how the baby will react to me, my camera, my light flashing on and off in their face, or the environment. Most of my cake smashes are shot in studio which enables me to have complete control of the environment. I do not have to worry about the sun’s rays, or lack thereof, bugs, or the wide-open range if they decide to run off mid shoot.

Vega crinkled her nose as she smiled for a portrait at her CNY Baby Photography session.

Vega’s cake smash had me in stitches. She was all about sitting on the moon, and not wearing the pretty pearls her mama insisted that she adorn. Every few clicks of the shutter, Vega would give herself a break, walk her tutu bottom up to me and insist on viewing my previous work of her. I would show her the back of my camera to review her portrait, and with her little pointer she’s attempted to slide the screen to see more. Silly girl! My camera isn’t a touch screen like mommy’s phone!

And then there is the cake smash portion of Vega’s session! She was all about her cake. She went headfirst a couple of times into the frosting to get the most out of her CNY baby photography experience. She picked and pawed her cake till it was time for the grand finale of her portrait session.

The bubble bath is always blast of water through my studio. I keep extra towels on standby just for the flood that most likely will occur. During this part of the session, I had mom and grandma help me out by blowing bubbles to keep Miss Vega’s gorgeous eyes lit up!

My Cake Smash sessions are in 3 parts to capture a variety of portraits and the personality of your one-year-old. I start with a classic or themed setting, move onto the messy cake smash, and finish it off with the bubble bath blast! I love to see my newborns grow and return to me for their updated portraits.   

If you are in need of cake smash portraits, please give me a call today (315) 297-1816 or email me at info@simplyshelayna.com. I will guide you through the experience I offer, answering all your questions and concerns. I will even provide you with my own style guide to help you prepare for your session. Please enjoy the CNY Cake Smash Photography portraits below!

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