With all you have to learn as a new mom, parenting life can be overwhelming. That is why I prep my new parents prior to their newborn portrait session. I want them to be 100% comfortable in my studio before they even arrive, so they can sit back, relax, and enjoy time being in studio.

On average, my portrait newborn sessions take 2-3 hours to accomplish. But don’t fret, there’s a lot of magic happening during this time and the end result is worth the time spent fixing all the details and soothing baby.

One of the first things I tell me moms, is all I need from them is a baby. I supply all the props, beds, buckets, bowls, etc. I knit and sew most of my outfits, and less face it, just because the store items says it is for a newborn might not mean it will fit your newborn. I also provide all the knitted bonnets, wraps and head ties.  Your baby will get all dolled up and it won’t be any extra cost or time to you. Stress free is how I like to serve my clients.

Arriving at the session, I will meet you right at your car. Once you are a parent, you have your hands full, not only with a new baby, but a baby carrier and a diaper bag full of baby items as well. I’ll help you in with and include a friendly greeting.

Are you ready to start? If baby is content and not needing an immediate feeding, we are good to go. I prefer to start with parent|family poses. I believe these moments are so important and I encourage them at every session. I don’t worry, I send a prep guide out prior to the newborn portrait session to help you prepare and dress your best.

Once the family is captured picture perfect, then it is just me and baby time. I pose the baby in a couple of props; mom usually selects her props beforehand in my emailed questionnaire to help me prepare. Following prop portraits is beanbag posing. I personally love beanbag posing. My beanbag is designed to hold up to quadruplets, so a single baby has plenty of space to curl up into a squishy pose. Another neat feature my beanbag has is a rigid front wall. This wall keeps the beans and baby from sliding forward. Just added protection for your little one!

My assistant and I take special care to make sure your newborn is content and picture perfect for each pose. Beanbag is from newborncloud.com | Oswego NY Newborn Photography

So it is that easy. You book your newborn portrait session, and I do the rest! I can’t wait to show your artwork of your most precious gift.

Are you expecting and ready to book? Newborn portrait sessions are best conducted within 5-14 days of birth. Because of this limited time frame, I encourage booking prior to birth. This way you are guaranteed a day on my busy calendar. Call me at 315 297 1816 or email me at info@simplyshelayna.com for booking details.

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