This beautiful mama called me a few months before expecting. She knew she wanted a “trained newborn photographer”, and she was considering capturing her maternity journey as well.

My best advise as a CNY Maternity Photographer, is always to book your newborn session before you are due, and she did. She also added on a maternity session. We had a beautiful CNY maternity photography session located at Salmon River Falls in early November. It was chilly, but she braved it out in two different maternity gowns. Ashton looked radiant with the falls flowing behind her.

CNY Maternity-Photography
Ashton at Salmon River Falls

In today’s age of social media, I often get tagged in every post looking for a recommendation for a photographer. Most post follow along these lines, “I am looking for a photographer that won’t cost an arm and a leg.” I will be recommended, and I am thankful for the trust my followers have in me, and I will leave a link to my website, my Facebook and even my number. However, when Ashton asked for a recommendation, she specifically asked for a “trained Newborn photographer”. Let me tell, you that narrowed down her options very quickly. And what I really loved, was a friend asked, “What does that mean, trained newborn photographer?” And I got to answer it!

What does it mean to be a trained newborn photographer?

If you a pintrest junkie, and are expecting, you probably have scrolled through some of the dreamy, squishy, soft babies posed in buckets, bowls, on the beanbag, in parents’ arms, etc. The baby is sleeping peacefully, and the portrait is perfect. A trained professional posed the baby and captured the portrait. You can easily tell by looking at a photographer’s gallery to see if she has had hands on training to pose a newborn. The light, pose and setups show that the baby is relaxed and safe.

Mothers, you should never allow a photographer to pose your baby if they have not been trained to do so. Why? A baby’s anatomy is not the same as an adult. It is fragile. Many of the poses we do, require a composite. And that is a whole other set of skills. And if you aren’t sure, just ask. I have been trained for over three years and I continue to train so that a baby is always safe in my hands.

A trained newborn photographer INVEST in her training, equipment, props etc. They know the value of a well-made portrait. And they offer an experience like no other photographer. Newborn photography is an investment that will last the lifetime of the parents, baby and be passed down to grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

If you are in need of a CNY Maternity photographer or a trained newborn photographer, please give me a call at (315) 297-1816 or email me at

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