Winter in CNY can be long, brutal, and dull. With snowstorms, below freezing temperatures, and a wind chill that will keep you indoors, it doesn’t seem like desirable place to live. However, after the snow settles and the wind chills out, there is so much beauty to capture.

As a CNY Maternity photographer, I love to go out after several inches (or feet) have accumulated and embrace the natural beauty inside my lens. And it is always a bonus to a person or two in the winter wonderland setting.

Marissa is expecting her third child. She came out and tried on my maternity gowns from designers Sew Trendy Accessories and with her growing family, she made a gorgeous model out in the snow. Her kids even had a blast throwing her train and snowballs at me.

When shooting outdoors in the snow, the temperature must be taking into consideration. I do not keep my clients outside for very long. I know they aren’t dressed for the weather, so we quickly and intentionally capture what we need to get ourselves back in where it is warm. This works, well because I coach all my clients. I tell them exactly how to stand, where to place their hands and move them into the next pose for a smooth transition. I believe in shooting from angles that flatter an expectant mother, so she feels and looks her best.

What makes this session extra special to me, is Marissa is carrying a sweet niece or nephew. Like her, I must wait and be surprised by the baby’s arrival. It isn’t easy folks. Marissa is also my assistant when I have my newborn sessions. She really makes me look good in the behind the scenes and the final outcome of the portrait. When I am prepping to shoot the portrait after I have posed the baby/family, she is fixing fingers, hair, discarding fuzzballs, and working as a spotter so baby has constant attention on them the whole session.

I am excited to start planning this little one’s CNY newborn photography session!

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