People just want to be heard. And as a parent and a CNY Family Photographer, I have been working on my listening skills. It is hard for me when I am  usually the one doing the talking, to sit and listen to others. But God willing, I will improve.

A young girl sits quietly and colors a picture using coloring pencils while a sibling takes a turn and speaks for 5 minutes with Simply Shelayna Family Photography in CNY.
Chloe colors intently while listening to a sibling talk.

I want my kids to be good listeners as well. We started a 20-minute “listen and color” circle, where we each color a picture, usually one that takes several sittings to accomplish, and we give each other 5 minutes of our undivided attention and listen.

We aren’t perfect at this. Sometimes questions come from the speaker, or as the listeners, we request clarification from the speaker.

The speaker is free to say whatever is in their heart, and the listeners learn to be good listeners!

This activity turned out to be a hit with my girls. Maybe you’ll want to try it with your family! Let your voices be heard!

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