Are your kids getting a fun puzzle for Christmas? Like 500 pieces or more?? You know they are going to need help with that bad boy, so let’s make a family day of it!

CNY Family Photographer holds her 1000 piece puzzle she received as a Christmas gift! Use your puzzle as a family activity with our 12 days of Christmas!
My 1000 piece puzzle that needed all the help it could get!

Just sorting out a puzzle edges and inside shapes can be a monotonous task and working on it with the tv can be distracting. Why not find a family friendly audio book to double stimulate everyone’s minds while you work?

Youtube has many titles listed in its vast library as well as your own local library will have a great selection to choose from.

Don’t forget to glue your masterpiece together and frame it when you are all done!

Here are some great audio titles to start with:

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

Narnia Chronicles

Charlotte’s Web

Little House on the Prairie

Winnie the Poo

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