I know it is Christmas break…but that is no reason to let our brains slack off. This fun family activity for our 12 days of Christmas will leave you and your family in stitches!

A young girl reads over her writing prompt with Simply Shelayna Family Photography in CNY for their 12 days of Christmas.
Chloe keeps her writings in special book.

I expected a lot of push back when we sat down to complete our first writing prompt. Surprisingly, my kids LOVED it. All 3 of them. And now it has become a Friday morning activity.

So, we created our own holiday writing prompt recipe for you to try out. Our recipe for our Holiday writing prompt has already been tested and it is tasty! The things my girls came up with are amazing. And who knows, maybe a simple writing prompt may inspire your kiddo’s’ into a successful writing career.

Check out Rose’s story!

Holiday Writing Prompt Recipe:

Setting: A new planet

Starting Line: The power went out…

Time: 20 minutes

Words to include:

Ballerina, uniforms, hangnails, coincidence, UFO, nightmare, curl, pterodactyl, alien, & belly flop

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