What kid doesn’t love Lego?? My girls are all big on building with Lego bricks and I LOVE IT! It teaches them to follow written directions, which every child needs to learn and inspires creativity.

A young girl smiles as she reads the back of her two Lego packages she received for Christmas with Simply Shelayna Family Photography in CNY.
Chloe is excited for her Lego sets!

At the beginning of Co-Vid 19, we did a whole month, where they would spend 20-30 minutes completing a Lego challenge. It was interesting on how they interpreted the daily challenges.

So here is a Holiday Lego challenge for you and your kids!

  1. Build a snowman (go ahead and sing, you know you want to!)
  2. Build Santa’s Sleigh
  3. Build a smoking hot chimney
  4. Build a Christmas tree with decor
  5. Build a present box that is 5×5, include bow, and removable lid!
  6. Build the Manger scene (complete with the 3 wise guys!)
  7. Build a snowflake ornament to hang on your tree.

Share what you and your kids create with us!

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