Some of our best experiences in life come as children in contact with the animal world. I love that my Sit with Chicks experience was able to provide such a memorable experience to all the children who visited my studio. As a CNY Family Portrait Photographer, every portrait experience in my studio is one to be remembered with joy.

The children who participated were in constant glee and joy, eager to hold the newborn chicks. Some of the chicks tucked themselves in on their laps and went to sleep while the shoot continued. And not only were the children full of joy, but parents as well, because a child’s joy is infectious.

For the Sit with Chicks sessions, I provided several set ups and with a finished product of professionally edited and printed portraits. Parents are able to physically handle their memories and preserve them as heirloom décor on their walls, so they remember these moments that brought so much joy to their children.

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