Where should my focus be?

I feel like this is a question I ask myself every day. Where do I need my focus to go today?

There’s the principle categories, like schooling my kids, my business, ministries that seem to be adding to my plate daily. And then there’s all the stuff I wish I could hide away and do like reading, expanding my music skills, sewing, hiking, and gardening. Oh gosh, if only time was unlimited and I could do it all!!

When I decided to get serious in my photography over 6 years ago, I found myself asking, where do I focus when I am capturing a human subject in front of me?

This was a legit question. I wanted my subjects in focus, unless I was going all artsy on them, but for the most part, a focused face was the goal. In photography, focal point is incredibly important. You have to know how to place your subject in the frame, and then get the proper parts in focus.

After taking my first newborn training class with Bianca Hubble Photography, and it came up again and again, “toggle your focus on the eye closest to you”. BINGO! It clicked! Literally.

With a little practice, I was able to fluently toggle my focus to my subject’s eye, giving them razor sharp lashes. I personally LOVE side profiles, just for this reason!!

Make you shutter click count! Capture their faces with their eyes in focus! Tongue is not necessary!

So, if you have camera in hand, and a cooperative loved on in front of you, start being aware of your focus. Whether you are using your cell phone’s camera, or a camera that will give you more liberty over controls, toggle your focus so that your subject’s eyes are sharp and crisp. You will never look back!

Please share your ‘eye-focused’ images with me!

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