Profile portrait of Baby Luka,in bum up pose, just 11 days new.

It is high compliment when a family travels with their newborn baby to visit me in my studio. As a Fort Drum Newborn Photographer, I get a lot of calls from expecting parents that live on or near the military base. I am honored to capture the newborns and family of our military and I value the sacrifice they make as a service to our country.

Fort Drum isn’t nearby or in the next neighborhood. It is about 1.5 hours from the studio. But using Interstate 81 South, makes for a good drive for a quality newborn session.

Luka was only 11 days new for his Fort Drum Newborn Photography session. Again, it is an honor when parents travel to see me when their baby is still very new. I often hear from parents that besides the first initial pediatrics visit, my studio is one of the first place their newborn will go to. And yes, that makes me feel special too!

Luka is also the first great-grandchild on his daddy’s side! You can only imagine the folks back home anticipation to meet him! And when family is so far away, newborn portraits mean so much more for parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

Being a Fort Drum Photographer, one of my sweet outfits from Number 2 Willow Lane, is an army cap and camo cargo pants. Luka’s Mama saw another one of my military baby’s wearing this outfit in my Facebook post, and that is when she contacted me for Luca’s newborn session while still expecting.

And it isn’t just the cute camo. I have an extensive and growing closet for my newborns. Most of the delicate items I knit or sew myself. Many articles of clothing marketed to newborns are still baggy and look awkward in professional portraits. I love that I can offer cute and often original wardrobe to my tiny clients.

Are you ready to book your full-service newborn session? I have everything you need in studio. From props, bowls, buckets, baskets, bonnets headbands and clothing, it is all here. I just need you and your baby! Give me call to book your session (315) 297-1816 or you may email at

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