Lonna and I had fun in her Oswego NY photography session.  I mean, she was in awe and disbelief of how much glitter she was allowed to scatter, toss, blow, write, and even roll in if she should choose. And so, she played, as little girls should, and I was just tickled pink with sparkles to capture her personality at full bloom in each portrait.

Oswego NY Photographer
Glitter!! This is too much fun!!

This year, Lonna turns 10! Mama said these would be her milestone portraits for her tenth birthday. What a great memento for both mother and daughter. And speaking of glitter and memories, mom even joined Miss Lonna, crown and all, for a gorgeous mother and daughter glitter portrait!! Oh, I loved it. Now I need to do it with all 3 of my girls…hold on, let me get my camera!!!!

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The Metal print is gorgeous!! It is included in the Empress package!!

Behind the Scenes for Lonna’s Glitter Session!!

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